Friday, June 1, 2012

31 Days of Believing

As you come on this Journey with me, traveling down the roads of time and into the future, say a little PRAYER with me for the truth to be known, accepted,  that we can be assured of the grace that for all these years God has offered each one of us.

Are you READY:

Genesis~ God has created a garden in which He planted foods and animals of every kind on a world that was formed in six days, weather was predictable and perfect for the creation of man and woman made in the image of their creator.  Characteristics that represented one another. He gave creation every seventh day to rest from work,  reconnect with Him.
 UNTIL - in one moment it was wiped  away by the presence of one who wanted to destroy every living representation of God.  Satan was created.  Angels and cherubs,  every living thing had the breath of a God who gave his infinitous love to each thing.  Every act of patience, forgiveness, yes -annihilation of false representations,  grace, sacrifice expressed the love He had for his workmanship, even Satan himself.

...and it was good~it was good!  and it will be again when He comes the second time to take us all home to where we began and to His creation in the beginning before sin.

read Genesis
Devotion from EG White
Silly game  Days of the Week

the next page will talk about the PLAN.

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