Monday, June 4, 2012

28 Days of Believing ! ~ Hell

Yesterday was a beautiful day, warm and a good day to clean up the yard.  There was a pile of brush sitting there for four years and so i decided to burn it.  Here is the picture.  At first I thought it would make a good Unburning Bush! Then it fits this post as well!!  Look at that fire-it is HOT! and hard to stand near it for very long.

This post is going to be about the misconceptions a lot of people have on what HELL and DEATH is.  Please excuse the note form, slowly i will try and get it more organized, but keep reading and look up the texts.............This is a good web page to go to..

the wicked are destroyed by the brightness of his coming

1 do people die and go to heaven.....2 peter 2:9 the day of judgement is reserved for the unjust,
john 12:48

2 when will sinners be in hell...Matthew 13:24-30  wheat and tares parable  explain the parable Matthew 13:40-42  so shall it be in the end of the world

3  where are the sinners now who have died-- john 11,  they are in their graves,  job 21:30, 32 in the graves
for ever and ever and ever====you have someone who dies and are in this place

4 end result of sin  james 1 15,   BUT god is love!!!!  he has a simple way and a much more humane
john 3 16   romans 6 23  you have choices of life or death curses or blessing     gen 3 22
when he died it was for the sins of the world-if the teaching is true  after 3 days he rose....he took everlasting punishment

5  psalm 37 10 what happens to the wicked
malachi 4 1 3
roman soldiers were vacationing is pompei and were killed because they were on duty?????
rev 21 8

6 where is hell fire kindled
rev 20 9  prov 11 31
2 peter 3 born of fire and water cannot enter heaven  world was baptized in water and in the end in fire

7 how hot will hell be   2 peter 3 10   when god comes there will be an explosion  etc
rev 20 14 15  second death  hell is going to hell

8  how long will the wicked suffer   rev 22 12    matt 16 27    luke 12 47 --  knew gods will will be responsible  varying degrees of punishment

9 hell forever   jude verse 7  eternal fire??  ---gen 13 13  sodom and gomorrah,    early judgement and lot to go ,  gen 19 17  consummed  to be devoured---   gen 19 17  verse 24  fire from heaven---  history says the people died suddenly and little balls of sulplhur
are they still burning today  has sodom and g   psalm 37 10 and 20  isaiah 47 14
gen 19 28 smoke of a furnace  describe the smoke it goes up for ever an ever   goes up so high!!!
or out of sight
are we going to be in heaven eating popcorn and watch the burning
jonah 2 6     ex 21 6  explaining forever    1 sam 1 28   samuel will be there as long as a thing lives

dont turn god into a tyrant and a cruel being,  luther  tyndale   john stock  ---they believe the truth

barnhouse  cannot

10 what will be left after fire
mal 4 3--they will be ashes  under the souls of our feet  isiah 47 14  2 perter 2 6
a lot of christian minitsers know the truth.    people are afraid to acknowledge the truth
pilgrims progress   get up and flee from the wrath to come

11  will wicked enter hell in body  matt 10 28  fear not them which kill the body but not the soul
fear the
mark 9 47 48  ---  this is an illustration.....dump outside of jerusalem  full of dead things that would be kept burning the cit dump to burn trash  burn forever  always burning  that is what h  matt 3 12  --reference   jjeremiah 17 27  they were being sloppy about sabbath keeping  is it burning today????matt 5 30  ezek 18 20 ,,,,,

12 devil in charge of hell/===rev 20 10  he is not in charge!  he is going there!  he is burning day and night
Ezekiel 28: 18& 19--   rev 20 15


14 purpose of hell   Matt 25:14 -- reserved for the wicked and lazy,  Revelation 20: 9 -second death-They marched across the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of God's people, the city he loves. But fire came down from heaven and devoured them.

15 Gods plans ~  2 Peter 3:13--  But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.

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