Monday, June 11, 2012

21 Days of Believing--being thankful

Do you believe in being THANKFUL!  So many things to be thankful for...i love what Oprah is doing....sending thank yous around the world
Thank you......
~So i am so thankful most of for a Creator that is the alpha and omega, beginning and end to all things in my life and in this world.  For the mighty power of the protecting angels around us, for the Spirit that speaks and guides every minute and for Jesus who intercedes on our behalf to the Father

~i love old houses and am glad they are around even just to look at
~Thankful for the boundaries of the rivers and oceans, that the flood will go down
~thankful for the fellow who i have been talking to, that he listens, i am thankful that i got to meet him even if only by phone, am thankful that he got in touch with me
~especially the rain that patters on the roof in the silence, watering the garden, causing the birds to sing, melting the snows, bring water for the well, keeping things green, for the fresh smell in the air,
~for understanding, forgiveness, grace,
~for silence and music,
! for the beeping on my stove, at least i know it is still working, i better go move what ever is making it beep!!
~for sleep, warm covers, rice!
WOW A MILLION OTHER THINGS,  I wish you would email a few who ever is looking at this email.  I want to be a believer that being thankful will bring happiness!

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