Friday, June 15, 2012

17 Days of Believing- Providence

Providence....a word to think about, a word that is so up to faith and trust and acceptance of whatever happens to our lives is meant to be. It takes in a lot of attributes as these words imply......
n theology, divine providence, or simply providence, is God's activity in the world. "Divine Providence" (usually capitalized) is also used as a title of God. A distinction is usually made between "general providence", which refers to God's continuous upholding the existence and natural order of the universe, and "special providence", which refers to God's extraordinary intervention in the life of people


This is all theology but in my real life what is providence , what are some evidences that God has looked after me.
my son brings up the fact that we went to the States one time, i was stopped by the law and could have been fined for $800.00, but was only given a warning....whew !!!
Finances are the biggest thing for me and always seem to be in trouble over it...i have had to consolidate lately and after a couple of submissions the loan finally came thru and there was virtually no reason for it to do so.
I had no idea how to decorate the church for campmeeting this weekend and the mess and thinking and not knowing what to do but at the last day God used his nature and we get everything together.  He puts thoughts in our head of what we could use and make.  pictures later!!!

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