Sunday, June 17, 2012

16 Days of Believing~Highest Servant

There is a God who created the world by speaking into existence the universes with mathematical precision that exists up to the minute you breathe your next breath.  By the breath He used He created minute breathing moving entities, made light that traveled trillions of light years away to this earth, formed the DNA that made each living thing so that it remained in His image yet was specifically different.  A God who is so intellectual but able to stoop and become one of us that our sins might be forgiven and be conquerors over evil.  A God whose joy is to COUNT the stars naming them one by one and numbers our hairs, made the sparrows and knows where they are. 

A story about a couple of motorcycle riders, you know dressed up in their leathers, dark glasses, young couple on one and an older gentleman on the other.  On getting off the bike the younger lady walked over to the older gentleman and engaged in some animated conversation.  Her hands were moving about furiously as the older gentleman looked intensely on.  The onlooker realized that the younger was using her hands in sign language.

That is the way Jesus came into this world~dressed in our worldly clothes, speaking our language, becoming one of us, using His hands  as the young person did, to help us get closer to Him.

John 1:1-5 

JESUS--remember who He was
He was one who wept over Jerusalem because of its sins and did not know why he came into the world, He stooped to wash feet, He created and led an angel choir.  He clutched the grass and rock in the garden before the cross in agony over our sins and cried to God If there is no other plan then I will go and do it forever!

How great is that! He is the Resurrection and the Life. 

Then He served breakfast.

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